What is Weird Moving?

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Weird moving is the creative manifesto of dancer and choreographer Emma Bowman, a concept that has developed through her Undergraduate and Maters training as an up and coming choreographer at the University of Chichester.

Emma believes in all movement being innately valuable to creative processes in their verity of forms, that no way of moving is unimportant, no creative input is irrelevant, and no idea is a bad idea. This is to say that she strives to find places that the dancing body may have never been or has never thought to venture.

She believes that by trusting her own imaginative mind and the minds of all those she works with, the dance art she creates can be inventive and individual, with the ability to open up other interesting lines of enquiry for future inspiration. Much of Emma's creative work aims to study and question thoughts and philosophies about the world we live in and the reality in which we are all a part of. She is passionate about uncovering how past and present theoretical topics can enmesh unexpectedly with the ever adapting human body, forming weird and wonderful ways of moving, acting as outlets for deep and insightful subjects that leave audiences entertained as well as curious to know more.  


Had I Not Seen the Sun...

I could have borne the shade.

With this in mind, Emma strives to allow anyone she works with to have their own unique creative voice throughout her creative and rehearsal processes, allowing exciting and original movement ideas to be discovered, challenged and molded into something that can be truly strange. Weird moving is therefore less of a way of dancing and more of a way of life.