May 2020

University of Chichester.

Choreographer:                      Music:                                         Composed By:

Emma Bowman                        The Apprehension Engine         Mark Korven


Amber Privett, April Jade, Briony Rose, Courtney McCarthy, 

Gracie-Mae Cole, Issy Davy, Jade Wight, Laurent Miller, Megan Heddershaw, Mima Parkinson.  


An interdisciplinary work based around the concept of fears and phobias, Untitled is a piece that pushes both the dancers and audience members to their limits. Created as part of her Undergraduate Dissertation, Emma used elements of physical theatre, immersive production and spoken word to examine three of some of the most common phobias amounts British people, these being Nyctophobia or the fear of the dark; Claustrophobia, the fear of close and confined spaces; and Glossophobia, fear of public speaking. Laid out to resemble the popular horror entertainment mazes, the work would guide participant though a manifestation of these
fears, testing the limits of immersive dance, in an attempt to further uncover its role within the immersive entertainment industry. Can immersive dance ever be a form of popular entertainment?



With influences from work by PunchDrunk and Gecco, Emma continued the use of dark theme to create a sense of suspense and raising expectations, again with great consideration for audience members. A sense of mystery and foreboding was key in this piece, with the dancers being in such close proximity, those who entered really did have to face their fears. 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic beginning March of 2020, Untitled was a work that never quite found its full potential, but is still a form of performance art that Emma is greatly interested in. It leaves open a fascinatingly strange door ready to be explored.