Memo to Jane Austen

April 2021

University of Chichester.


Emma Bowman


Various Artists

Arranged by:

Emma Bowman


Molly Stolton, Mignon Riggs, Myles Swan and Bonnie Simons.


This work explores the journey of grief, of losing a love that was once thought to last forever. Theoretically inspired
by Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief and poetically inspired by the literary works of Jane Austen, this piece follows an 
autobiographical experience of an unexpected relationship breakup, exposing the multitudes of emotions that proceed it.
Motivated by Austen’s idealist love stories compared to the reality of relationships, the piece displays a transition from 
naivety to a more mature outlook on life, love and what it means to grieve in your own way.  


Made as part of her MA in choreography, Emma aimed to produce a piece that was heavily movement based that still displayed her abilities as an imaginative choreographer. With movement created through improvisation using popular songs at the time of her breakup, the piece tells a stunning story of personal growth after a difficult time in life. Whilst working to a strict time schedule, this piece also incorporated props and verbatim sequences written by Emma herself, a letter Jane explaining her personal experience of Austen's work and the reality of loving another person so completely. All of this added to the emotional world that was crafted beautiful on stage. 



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this piece was not performed live, however, it was live streamed and recorded fully.

The full work is available to watch on the Weird Moving Youtube Channel. 

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Challenging herself further Emma designed her own sound score for this work using various artists and sounds that she felt emotionally connected to. This piece is poetically beautiful and one that really displays Emma's ability as a well rounded choreographer as well as establishing some of her other creative skills.