December 2018

University of Chichester. 


Holly Dunkley and Emma Bowman.


Rondo from Abdelazar Suite.

Composed by:

Henry Purcell.


Lauren Jackson, Libby Kane, Emily Bernasiewicz.


Jointly choreographer by Emma Bowman and Holly Dunkley as part of their Undergraduate course, Linear Equation is an intricate and complex piece that hold strong connotations to the logical method of mathematics. It explores detailed, linear shapes that can be made by the body, specifically the limbs, following clear cut repeating pattern, mimicking that of a mathematical equation. Much attention and focus was given to different aspects of the body and their relationship to one another as well as the space in which they were situated, abstracting the dancing body in space and time. The development of the work played consistently with rhythms and their different uses within aesthetics, creating a performance that is highly technical and challenging for all involved. 

The work experiments with combining the breaking and matching technique of William Forsythe with the choreographic approaches of Pina Bauch. It is these influences that direct the piece in a more innovative and exciting way; turning simple gestural movements into advance sequences of timings and rhythms. 


As co-choreographer, Emma was always keen to incorporate her dancers thoughts and suggestions into the work whilst collaboratively combining thoughts with Holly to fulfil both artist visions. Although the rehearsals were long and almost always very tedious, the performance was one to both befuddle and dazzle audiences.