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La D'Epoque Proche

September 2021

University of Chichester.


Emma Bowman


Emma Bowman, Hayley Bowman, Martin Bowman, Terrance Bowman. 

dover castle.jpg

Image: Dover Castle at sunset. Source: English Heritage Website. 

This site specific dance for film that loosely translates to 'The Near-Time Period' will pay homage to the places and people that have shaped Emma throughout her life. Born and raised in the small port town of Dover, this piece will explore the stunning monument that is Dover castle, one of English Heritage's largest sites, and a place that holds many happy memories for Emma personally.

Only 30 miles from the coast of Calis France, the site holds many remanence of times long passed, from the castles construction by Henry II and the gradure of the British Monarchy to the hidden tunnels of WW2 that housed the directions and plans for the Dunkirk rescue operation in 1940, all of which has been on Emma's doorstep throughout her childhood.   

The work will visit all the places Emma has visited as a child, noting how now as an adult, her relationship with the site and its meaning could have changed over time or how it has remained a constant landmark in her growing life. As well as investigating the site on a personal level, Emma also aims to look beyond herself into how the site has been a part of the lives of three generations of her family, all with their own unique and interesting stories of play, history and nostalgia. The film and movement will display how one site can hold so many memories and be a standing backdrop to the never slowing passing of time from great-grandad, to grandad, to dad, to sister, to self.


Image: Medieval Tunnels at Dover Castle. Source: English Heritage Website.