Had I Not Seen The Sun...

Feburay 2021

South Downs.


Emma Bowman


Small Things

Composed By:

Sleepy Fish


Emma Bowman & Molly Stolton

This short dance film was created after a creative trip into the south Downs around the Chichester area. Inspired by the 
natural environment and its endless possibilities of movement content, and the poetic words of Emily Dickinson, Emma used her
creative skills to produce something that further demonstrated her as a performer and interdisciplinary artist. 
The work and its title focus on how without times of darkness in the world, the times of light would never be know, 
mirroring that of Emma's personal experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a piece that highlights the gradual 
ending of a darker time, and a rediscovery of what it means to once again let the light in. To once again move in a way that
is fully natural.  

Full Work

'Had I not seen the Sun 

I could have borne the shade

But Light a newer Wilderness

My Wilderness has made —'


-By Emily Dickinson.