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After the Before times...

September 2021

University of Chichester.


Emma Bowman


Emma Bowman, Molly Stolton & Megan Wasley.


Image: Cover artwork for The Last of Us Video game trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Created and developed by Naughty Dog, Inc.

Source: PlayStation Store Website.

As part of her Masters dissertation Emma is developing a work that is both exciting and relevant to the events of 2019- 2021. With a consistent personal interest in post apocalyptic worlds and tales of survival, Emma will be attempting to bridge the gap between the reality of such an event and the portrayals of it in modern culture, specifically in video games. Initially inspired by the 2013 Naughty Dog game 'The Last of Us', where the world has devolved into a state of chaos as a flesh eating fungal infection has wiped out most of the population and its civility, Emma was struck by how similar (although on a much more dramatic scale) the events of this fictional world are with aspects of the
COVID-19 pandemic.

Using theoretic research and journals looking into the extent of the Corona Virus and its implications on global society and personal psychology, Emma's work will creatively form a blended sphere of reality and fiction, blurring the lines between what has happened and what could have been. With elements of scenography, film work and live music, 'After the before times' endeavours to allow the fleeting fantasy of the end of the world to come to life and tell an emotional and raw story of tragedy, change, survival and, most of all, hope. 


Image: Coronavirus poster produced by Genesis Adverting for the Norther Ireland Government Campaign April 2020.

Source: Genesis Adverting.