Emma Bowman



Sound Editor.

Emma is an imaginative and hardworking dance artist who believes that by Weird Moving, all aspects of the dancing body can flourish. Throughout her creative training, Emma has shaped developed this philosophy into something that is truly important to her and the way in which she creates her work. 
Graduating in 2020 from the University of Chichester, Emma has gone on to earn a Maters Degree in Choreography and Professional Practice where she has learn the importance of allowing her performers and co-creators their own unique voices within the development stages. By creating a positive and safe atmosphere she allows her dancers to find their own way of Weird Moving, removing judgment to make way for pure creativity and collaboration. 


With this in mind, Emma has created a wide range of works using subjects including: bodily aesthetics, immersive theatre, autobiography, psychological and philosophical theories and dance film. She possesses a keen interested for all things psychological, theatrical and thought-provoking usually calling upon emotive experience to move her audiences. Throughout all of her works, Emma strives to ensure all of her dancers understanding her creative vision but also allow them to embellish their own artist flare, promoting individuality within her dancing world, creating a focused group of beautifully unique dancing bodies and minds.       


Alongside he work and creations through University, Emma has also had ample opportunities to perform as a dancer in a variety of pieces choreographed by professional companies as well as fellow up and coming artists. In her early career, Emma has performed and choreographed for her local dance school, taking various piece to venues such as The Royal Albert Hall
and the Sadlers Wells Theatre. From 2015 to 2017 she was a principle member of Cascade dance company and performed at local dance events as well as at the Capezio Championships in 2017 as part of the MOVE IT dance festival in (where the company proceeded to the finals). In 2019 she was part of the extend cast in Lila Dance's 'Hotel Experience' and throughout her time at University had danced in countless works for assessments and dissertations. Although Emma's 
ambition is in choreography, these experience have proved invaluable to her growth as an artist, learning how others work in creative environments and gaining experience in performance processes with consideration to the audience. 


All of these experiences have shaped Emma and her artist practice and she continues to draw inspiration to produce new work that has the ability to evolve and inspire further lines of creative enquiry. By continuing to work by her Weird Moving manifesto, Emma is fascinated in developing her skills as a dance artist and is excited about discovering where else she can take her creative talents in the future.